Hyper League
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The gameplay of Hyper League allows you to experiment with a set of boosters and different upgrades. These power-ups (boosters) come in three different categories that racers can utilize during racing.

1- Consumable

Consumable power-ups are usable once in a game. Players can purchase powerful consumables and use them one time in a game to boost up their speed and race with more power. These power-ups will be used only one time and removed from your inventory after consumption, so be careful while using them.

2- Non-Consumable

Non-consumable power-ups will be usable multiple times, we are providing the opportunity to use and refill them again. These power-ups will be in your inventory after using them many times.

3- Special Booster

Our Special booster is with the availability of refilling them again and again. This booster will speed up your vehicle and avatar in seconds. Players can speed up their vehicle and beat their opponent in big challenges.