Hyper League

Weapon System

Hyper League offers ownable NFT assets to personalize your racing vehicles. These assets are not just for show, they also improve your chances of winning the race. To make sure our racers win, we let them use our in-game weapon system. Here are the different abilities of Hyper League’s weapon system.

1- Attack

Attacking is the basic concept of every game. Our weapon system with the basic power of attack will let the racer become stronger in front of your opponent. Racers can use the attacking power of their in-game weapons to slow down opponents.


Damage rate is also an important factor, racers can select weapons with more damage power and challenge their opponents for race to win & earn by utilizing the powers of supericonic vehicles.


With the defense mechanism, racers will be able to attack with greater power, get defense, hide, and attack with a greater amount of power.