Hyper League

Game Modes

Hyper League will be offering various game modes for racers to choose any racing mode of their own choice. It offers various options for the players to select from a huge collection and a wide range of superpower vehicles. The significant game modes are PvP and player vs. environment (PvE). Primarily, its gameplay involves buying a vehicle, buying weapons for the car, choosing a race mode, choosing a race strategy, and viewing the results. Races take place in the racing arena and are determined primarily by the racer's strategy. In-game vehicles with high power and upgrades have an advantage, but players with the best race strategy have the ultimate advantage to win and earn.

1- PvE Mode: Computer vs Player

PvE mode is a practice mode where racers can compete in an AI-controlled environment instead of with fellow players. Here you may play in opposition to the computer to practice and test the performance of your vehicles and racing skills. On winning, racers can earn valuable rewards as well as valuable digital assets.

2- PvP Mode: Player vs Player

PvP is the mode that lets you earn tons by competing against other players. You can make a small investment and earn extra through playing this player vs player hyper league mode. Designed for racing fans, Hyper League's PvP gameplay mode will bring the thrill of being in the driver's seat to compete with other players around the globe. With the power of Blockchain technology, highly-skilled drivers will be able to "race to earn." Players can compete in races and earn by the winnings, just like a real-world racing game.

3- Single Player vs Multiplayer

It is the mode that allows you to race against multiple friends on the same racing track. When you select Multiplayers mode, the course selection screen will open up. Selecting a track allows each player to choose a hover vehicle and set driving options on different racing tracks. Once that's done, it's on to the races.

4- Team vs Team Mode

A Team vs Team mode is similar to a 1vs1 mode. This mode allows you to become a member of the team to race against the opponent team. Here you can enjoy the thrill of adventurous mode where all team members win the race if anyone from the team wins. Make your way to win the competition by beating all the other players.