Hyper League
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Levels System

Hyper League racing Metaverse introduces a tier system. A tier is a division or segment within a game that roughly corresponds to a specific range of skills for a particular player. Based on the number of games played and the relative skills of the players, the skill range is determined. Additionally, this system will be based on ranking points, which players will earn when they win battles.
Depending on your Tier, you will have the option to get an equally ranked opponent with a similar prize pool available. In other words, players in lower Tiers will be able to play with players of similar skill levels, and vice versa for players of higher Tiers. It is important to note that a player with a Minimum Tier 1 and a Maximum Tier 3 will be limited to players who rank in the first, second, or third tiers. The Tier 1 players will not be open to anyone in Tiers 4 or higher.

How to Get a Higher Level?

The more you play and the more people you play against, the better your skill rating will become. In other words, do not be discouraged if you feel that the Tier does not accurately reflect your "real" skill level. You may rank up quickly again after playing a few more games and participating in different tournaments.

Why Does Level System Matters in Hyper League?

A rank is intended to help you advance your esports career or goals as a gamer. Hyper League is working on level systems for the following reasons:
1- Fairer games:
Tiers allow players to play against equally ranked players/teams so everyone avails equal opportunity of winning.
2- Bigger prizes:
In order to improve their ranks, players participate in tournaments or racing competitions, which have larger prize pools to reward them for their efforts.