Hyper League

Racing Modes

Hyper League will feature different Racing Modes and their NFTs, so players will have the opportunity to compete on different modes. Currently, there are mainly two modes of racing. More opportunities for racing lovers will be coming up with the passage of time.

1- Sprint Mode

The sprint race is a one-way race where players have the opportunity to speed up their vehicles on uneven roads. The track in this racing mode will be rough and bumpy, making winning the game more challenging. It's time for you to bring your superpower vehicles to the sprint race and challenge your opponents.

2- Circuit Mode

Circuit race is also called as circle race. There will be different racing paths within the circuit, get entertainment by challenging your opponent in the circuit race and compete with them by completing the circuit fast. This mode will be difficult to make a win, being a racer you can win the race by choosing the best vehicles with excellent qualities.