Hyper League

Event Industry in the Metaverse

The events industry, being one of the largest worldwide, has witnessed a notable shift towards the digital space in recent years. Hyper League aims to revolutionize the events industry by introducing it to the virtual world of the Hyper League Metaverse. While not all sectors within the events industry are currently compatible with the Metaverse, Hyper League is actively working towards enabling their presence. However, several sectors, such as concerts, E-sports conventions, and trade shows, have seamlessly integrated with the Hyper League Metaverse.

1- E-Sports:

The E-sports sector, with its impressive growth, presents a significant opportunity within the virtual economy of the Hyper League Metaverse. Despite its comparative size within the events industry, the E-sports sector achieved remarkable revenue exceeding $1 billion in the previous year. Projections suggest that the market for E-sports is poised for further growth, with expectations of reaching a valuation of $1.6 billion by the year 2023. Given its complete digital nature, Hyper League combines real world sports with the Metaverse for an immersive experience. Witness live cricket, football and much more within the virtual world. Enjoy Esports events with proper IESP rules in the Hyper League Metaverse.

2- Virtual Music Events:

Music events contribute substantially to the events industry, projected to generate around $26.64 billion in revenue this year. While physical music events still dominate the industry, a gradual shift towards the virtual world is underway. Hyper League is actively collaborating with relevant institutions to establish a strong presence in the virtual music industry, poised to capitalize on its growth.

3- Virtual Trade Shows/ Exhibitions:

Trade shows serve as platforms where businesses showcase their products to potential clients and suppliers. In 2018, the global trade show industry generated revenue of $31 billion, which is projected to reach $42 billion by 2023. Notably, 20% of trade show coordinators plan to organize virtual trade shows by 2023, with expectations of substantial growth in subsequent years. This indicates that virtual trade shows could be valued at around $8.4 billion by 2023. Hyper League has already initiated strategic partnerships to ensure its significant involvement in the virtual trade show space.

4- Spectacular Long-term Growth:

In the near term, the virtual events industry that Hyper League targets is valued at approximately $11 to $12 billion. It is essential to recognize that the virtual events industry is still in its early stages, holding tremendous potential for exponential growth in the long run.