Hyper League

Basic Concepts

Hyper League is a play-to-earn Metaverse based racing game backed by Binance Smart Chain Network. Blockchain technology using the BSC network provides a large serverless and secured gameplay experience.

Game Concept

Introducing interactive blockchain based racing game with play-to-earn models, providing players opportunities to earn passive income as they play. Vehicle racing within the hyper league universe opens up unlimited doors of imagination. The core feature of Hyper League is that it mixes the worlds of finance and gaming to offer something worth participating in. Its gameplay allows players to team up, organize, build, and race their way into different Sci-Fi gaming Modes. Starting from different space ships, air routes, dusty desert tracks to the ocean, it will create a unique blockchain gaming experience to maximize your earning. This is a P2E universe for racers to freely create and play according to their own strategies, a place that can provide all the features that every player needs such as hover vehicles, power boosters, garages, etc. On top of that, players can earn revenue by playing in different "Battle modes" -players can use the unique feature - "Race to Earn' ' to earn more profit; or "Marketplace", where they can trade NFTs. From gaming mechanics to physics, cars to tracks, NFT to earn, everything has been optimized to provide a rich gaming experience to every NFT loving gamer.

Blockchain Concept

Blockchain is a decentralized, distributed digital ledger that is secured by its network to provide security. Its decentralized and immutable nature allows the data to be stored in the digital form of tangible assets. It has created a new gaming experience for both companies and players who use NFTs and cryptocurrencies to purchase in-game assets that can be exchanged for real money. Here, on Hyper League Metaverse all in-game digital assets are a non-fungible form of Blockchain units.

AI-Powered Metaverse

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology within the Hyper League metaverse brings forth a groundbreaking transformation in the player's gaming journey, offering enhanced gameplay possibilities. With the introduction of AI, players can now engage in exhilarating races against intelligent virtual opponents, freely navigate and explore the metaverse alongside AI companions, and leverage the power of AI-driven chat features for valuable support and guidance. This integration of AI and gaming opens up a realm of exciting opportunities for players, further elevating their overall experience within the Hyper League Racing Metaverse.

Multiplayer Gameplay backed by BSC

Primarily, BSC Blockcahin is decentralized, which allows companies to build their decentralized apps and digital assets on one Blockchain. The BSC network allows anyone in the system to enjoy the exchange's quick trading. On the other flip, here players can enjoy multiplayer gaming modes to race against multiple friends on the same racing track. When they select Multiplayers mode, the course selection screen will open up. Selecting a track opens up a new screen, allowing each player to select a hover vehicle and set driving options on different racing tracks. Moreover, NFT integration allows players to interact with each other in the game world using their unique digital assets.

Multiple Vehicle Game

Hyper League will be offering lots of vehicles of different categories to bring that feeling of joy and thrill to racers. This will allow players to organize racing competitions as well. It means that vehicle racers are welcome to be a part of the Hyper League ecosystem and showcase their racing skills around the World. Additionally, players can purchase special boosters and skins within the game and sell them to earn money. In future, players will be enable to enjoy the feature of custom user generated vehicles that will facilitate them to provide sell and purchase facilities, after getting approval from the game developers.