Hyper League

Gameplay Pillars

The Hyper League platform aims to be a comprehensive gaming ecosystem designed for next-generation racers who use their racing skills in order to enjoy the real racing experience and earn tradable digital assets. Our platform will serve as a bridge between the real world and virtual world in order to facilitate the future development of blockchain. Below you will find a list of the gameplay pillars that set our platform apart from others.

1- Deep Space Exploration

The beauty of Sci-Fi adventures is in racing your hover spaceships into the space tracks. This immersive experience allows players to use equipment within the space that involves weapons, boosters, multi-function button panels, head tracking hardware, and most importantly, head-mounted virtual reality displays. This gives all players open exploration to go anywhere in the Hyper League universe.

2- Role Playing Game

The first principle that drives the entire economy of Hyper League is UGC (User Generated Content) gameplay. The wealth gained from user generated content creates many other divergent sources of income for players to contribute and build their careers. From trading raw and refined assets, to racing and staking, there is a wide range of career opportunities for players to embody and advance their career specialties.

3- Racing Competitions

There are several ways to race and earn. Hyper League allows players to earn in-game by racing with the help of having the right car, weapon, track or booster. Players can race circuits with increasing difficulty—the higher levels yielding the potential for higher rewards—and compete in 2v2 and 4v4 racing tournaments.

4- Vehicles & Weapons Component Outfitting

Use HYPO tokens to get the perfect vehicle, to store and pimp your ride, whether you have just one customized car or an entire fleet. While the marketplace to buy all the gear to soup up vehicles is underdeveloped, you’ll be able to find everything you need and more. Finally, players and community members can race by backing themselves with weapons and power ups utilizing their HYPO tokens or NFTs and earn rewards based on race rankings.

5- User Generated Content

Hyper league with user generated content is the main target to make the ownership of your assets and earn by creating your content. Users have the access to create and sell their assets by creating their vehicles, skins, characters, and many more opportunities to sell after getting permission from the hyper league official team.

6- Decentralized Autonomous Mechanics

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is a more complex iteration of smart contracts and has proven to be a highly effective way of managing organizations and platforms without centralized authority. Hyper League is a fully decentralized metaverse racing game filled with a superpower collection of vehicles, weapons, thrilling racing tracks, and a whole universe of other possibilities. The Hyper League DAO is important to the flow of building this metaverse. All decisions within the Hyper League will be managed by the Hyper League DAO.

7- Staking

Crypto staking is a booming new way to earn cryptocurrency where token holders lock their tokens on blockchain smart contracts to get crypto staking rewards. Staking is a method used by many cryptocurrencies to confirm transactions of people's active participation, similar to mining, and allows participants to earn rewards based upon their holdings on a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain. Here, Hyper League gives you an opportunity to stake your tokens as well as NFT in order to earn rewards.

Staking of $HYPO Tokens:

With the DeFi platforms and protocols, you can lock up your tokens to gain staking rewards and other privileges while keeping ownership and without having to sell your tokens. Hyper League's token staking process introduces a new opportunity for users to monetize their assets, potentially attracting more users and increasing market demand for stakeable tokens. Holding $HYPO tokens for a specific period of time allows you to earn NFTs or other remarkable rewards.