Hyper League
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Reward System

Hyper League offers a diverse range of rewards to its players through its carefully designed reward system. The rewards are categorized into two main categories: XP and Achievements/Medals.


XP, short for experience points, serves as a valuable currency within the Hyper League ecosystem. Players can earn XP through various activities and accomplishments.
Daily Bonus System:
Users will need to login in to the app daily in order to achieve this reward. It can be skin/car/accessories or XP.
Daily Challenge System:
Challenges will be updated on the challenge board every day at midnight.
Weekly Challenge:
There will be a task which needs to be done in a specific set of time.
Monthly Bounty:
This will be a monthly task that a player needs to complete in order to get premium gifts.
League Season:
Each season with a specific set of targets or challenges will be launched with exclusive rewards.