Hyper League

Racing Tournaments

Hyper League introduced the challenging tournament to provide more earning facilities to the players. Our tournaments will give you more thrilling and exciting ways to win the battle.

1- Daily Tournaments

Daily Tournaments will take place on a daily basis, Hyper League is offering multiple daily base tournaments, where users can play in any stake mode to win the battle.

2- Weekly Tournaments

Weekly tournaments will happen on a weekly basis, Hyper league making more ways to earn from all players. Users can participate as a single participant and grow with their team in weekly tournaments and earn by completing their racing vehicle skills.

3- Monthly Tournaments

Monthly tournaments are the big ways to get more $HYPO’s. Our HYPO token will be utilized in every game mode and tournament. You can challenge your opponent in a team or as a single participant and win all money invested on the tournaments.
There will be one winner at the end of monthly tournaments and can get the real benefits of play-to-earn modes. Challenge others if you think you are a pro racer!