Hyper League

Vehicles Upgrade

Following are the auto part upgrades you will be modifying in your vehicle to make it more fast and more advanced to win more races. Racers will be able to upgrade their vehicle to increase their chances of winning races. There are different items that racers can install or update in their cars.

1- Engine of the Vehicle

The engine is the most important part of any motor vehicle. Proceeding in the game, you will need a more advanced engine in your vehicle to win upcoming races. Every racer will want to have the latest engine installed in his vehicle. If you buy a freshman-level car, it will have a stock engine installed in it. In order to unlock the latest engine upgrades, you will have to acquire the required points for your car.

2- Weapons for Vehicles

As one of the bravest racers in the world, your mission is to destroy all invading enemies and win the race with your weapons. You just need to build your character and purchase your desired weapons from the marketplace. An exciting journey is waiting for you, your weapons, boosters and special skills are with you to make the win truly yours. Get ready for endless adventures.